The NOVA School of Science and Technology campus is located at Monte de Caparica, in the municipality of Almada. This campus is the largest in Europe, housing modern school, laboratory, administrative and social buildings, as well as green spaces.

How to get to NOVA School of Science and Technology

The campus benefits from the public transport network, which includes combined services of bus (bus), train (train), boat and light rail (terminal station “Universidade”) which is located next to one of NOVA School of Science and Technology’s entrances.

A space with everything and for everyone


The FCT NOVA campus has a Pre-School Education Center (Nursery and Kindergarten), with capacity to accommodate children from 4 months to 6 years, with monthly values ranging from 215.00 to 295.00 euros, from according to household income. More information can be requested through the email

Campus Food

Complete meal for undergraduate and master students: € 2.75 | The complete meal consists of a plate, soup, bread, a drink and a dessert (diversified menu in the canteens). The canteens of FCT, FCSH and RAS (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) serve macrobiotic meals. In 'snack bars' and cafeterias the prices are free.


The "Mininova" is a convenience store located next to Building I, with opening hours between 08:30 and 21:00. Here you can find fresh products, a variety of coffees, snacks and many other products.

Stationery "Solution"

A place where you can find everything you are looking for.
Located next to the Canteen Building
Opening hours: 08H00 - 24H00

Academic Life

Passing through FCT NOVA is not just taking a course. Here you will build your own path, far beyond the classrooms and the exam schedule. Prepare yourself for the dynamic experiences of academic life and make the most of this experience!

Students’ Association is one of the most proactive in the country, guaranteeing an informative freshman reception, of course, but a lot of fun. More than 30 student groups promote meetings so that you can study, practice sports, dance, streamline your course, play chess, promote sustainable practices, among many others.

Here, you will find Professors available to guide you in academic life but also in the one that awaits you right away, in the job market, creating your own company, feeling your Faculty as a haven of shelter. It also has a vibrant atmosphere. A Campus in green tones with garden and terraces for moments of socializing, study and leisure where there is no shortage of days for sunbathing.

Choosing a Faculty is more than enthusiasm for a field of study; there is more life, beyond the classrooms, at FCT NOVA!


Student Association

The AEFCT (Students Association of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), was founded on November 8, 1979, with the scope of defending the rights and interests of FCT-UNL students.

This has been asserting itself as an association with a leading role, nationally as well as internationally, being today one of the most credible and respectable associations.

It was an integral part in several important phases of the associative movement contributing to an improvement, both in Portuguese and European higher education, as well as in the youth movement.

Organized in three governing bodies, the General Assembly, the Board, and the Fiscal Council, the AEFCT also has several nuclei and Autonomous Sections.

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