PhD Programmes​

Students who do not have Portuguese nationality or do not come from a European Union country, must meet the following requirements to enroll in doctoral programs:

  1. Possess a master’s degree;
  2. Deliver the graduation diploma, as well as the transcripts recognized by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin, translated by an official translator (except documents in Spanish, French and English).
  3. Deliver the documents listed below;
  • Identity Card / Passport or Citizen Card;
  • Qualification certificate detailing the classifications obtained, duly authenticated (*);
  • Curriculum vitae and professional path;
  • Photography;
  • Other document (s) that may be required on the page of the respective course.




Período de candidatura

15 de fevereiro a 15 de julho

Divulgação de resultados:
1ª avaliação intercalar
2ª avaliação intercalar
3ª avaliação

8 de abril
8 de junho
22 de julho

Matrícula e inscrição dos candidatos

2 a 5 de Agosto

Reclamação sobre colocações

até 15 de agosto

Decisão sobre reclamações

até 9 de setembro

Matrícula para reclamações atendidas

12 a 16 de setembro


Payable Amounts / Fees

2750€ (annual value)

a) As tuition fees are due to acts of enrollment or enrollment, they can be paid in installments, in accordance with the approved regulation.
b) The fact that students do not attend or give up granting the right to the refund of amounts paid, nor to debt cancellation.

10 (ten)


1st – 275.00 up to 5 days after the registration / enrollment date

2nd – 275.00 until November 23, 2020

3rd – 275.00 until 23 December 2020

4th – 275.00 until 23 January 2021

5th – 275.00 until 23 February 2021

6th – 275.00 until March 23, 2021

7th – 275.00 until April 23, 2021

8th – 275.00 until May 23, 2021

9th – 275.00 until 23 June 2021

10th – 275.00 until 23 July 2021

General Questions​

    • If you have specific questions about a specific course, please contact the respective Coordinator (e-mail address included in the information about each course, in the list above).